Karaite Israelite Mosque of Ascension





(The Original Kedar-Rite of the Karaim)


      The commandment to put on Tefillin ot Phylacteries was only incumbent upon Priests and Master Teachers who had obtained the 360 degrees of Abrahamic knowledge:

And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

  Upon obtaining the 360 degrees of Abrahamic knowledge a pilgrimage was made from Jerusalem to the Kaba in Mecca. At the Kaba there was 360 markers representing the 360 degrees of initiation. The Kaba was officiated and maintained by an Abrahamic Priesthood that descended from Ishmael the son of Abraham. In this regard Ali, the Cousin and Son-In-Law of the Prophet Muhammad was born in the Kaba. 

SURAH 14:37
O our Lord! surely I have settled a part of my offspring in a valley unproductive of fruit near Thy Sacred House, our Lord! that they may keep up prayer; therefore make the hearts of some people yearn towards them and provide them with fruits; haply they may be grateful:

   Those who made the Pilgrimage and completed the initiation ceremony were now required to wear Tefillin or what was also called 
Moka'bet meaning the cubes or the sacred cubes. The Tefillin cubes represented the unification of Jerusalem(Cubed Altar) and Mecca(Kaba). In this regard Psalm 84 informs us of the ancient Israelite pilgrimage to Baca(Bekka) which is Mecca. 

Happy is the man w
ho finds refuge in you,whose mind is on the Pilgrims Highways. They pass through the Valley of Baca(Mecca) regarding it as a place of Springs as if the early rain had covered it with blessings. They go from rampart to rampart appearing before God in Zion.

The arm Tefillin being strapped 7 times around the arm in a counterclockwise motion represented TAWAF in which pilgrims to Mecca would circle the KABA 7 times in a counterclockwise motion. The head Tefillin represented the Cubed Altar at Jerusalem and the wisdom of King Solomon.

  Just as there is a Tallit Gadol(large fringed garment) and Tallit Katan(Small fringed garment) there was originally Tefillin Gadol and Tefillin Katan. Tefillin Katan was meant to be worn during all prayers. In fact it was the Head Tefillin of Tefillin Katan that caused the Prostration mark(Sedj) of Israelites after many dedicated years of contact prayers

 Surah 48:29 Koran
you will see them bowing down, prostrating themselves, seeking grace from Allah and pleasure; their marks are in their faces because of the effect of prostration; that is their description in the Taurat(Torah)

 Tefillin Katan did not have an arm tefillin as it was only used for prostration prayers in making the temporary imprint of the Sedj Mark. The Head and Arm of Tefillin Gadol were only worn by Knowledgable Priests and Master Teachers during a specified ritual and recitation that took place every morning before the 1st prayer of the day . However during the times of Jesus many arrogant and unlearned men  walked in public wearing TALLIT GADOL AND TEFILLIN GADOL which they fraudulently made themselves as if to suggest they were a recognized learned Priest or Master Teacher who had completed the Abrahamic Pilgrimage to Mecca.This issue or problem becomes evident in the New Testament:

Matthew 23: 5
But all their works they do for to be seen of men: They MAKE BROAD their Phylacteries(Tefillin) and ENLARGE the borders(fringes) of their garments

  Tefillin Gadol is preferably made in the manner of an Eight Pointed Star also known as the Shield of Abraham, the Seal of Melchizadok and Nadjmat Al-Quds being the Star of Jerusalem.

 The Prophet Muhammad's Midnight journey from the Kaba in Mecca to the Holiest site of the Israelites in Jerusalem being the location of the former Solomonic Temple forever unified Mecca and Jerusalem. Tefillin or Moka'abet  Gadol can only be observed properly when this unification is respected and accepted:

Surah 17:1-2
Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed the precincts, so that We may show to him some of Our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing. And We gave Musa the Book and made it a guidance to the children of Israel,...

  Tefillin or Moka'abet Gadol is worn every morning between 3AM and 6AM prior to the first prayer(Salat). It is not worn on the Jummah, the Sabbath,at the time of the New Moon or Holy Days. 

  Tefillin or Moka'abet Katan is worn during all prayers except during the Standing Midday Prayer as its only purpose is to create the temporary Sedj Mark or imprint upon the forehead made during contact prayers.