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   Islamic scholars have been divided over the issue as to whether Ishmael or Isaac was the intended sacrificial son of Abraham. The reason there has been debate is because the Koranic verse which describes the sacrificial son does not directly mention the name of the boy who was the intended sacrifice. 

    The Koran is a Book that makes things clear and in that regard one would have to question as to why it would not clarify the identity of the intended sacrificial boy since it is such a prominent event. 

  Can we possibly imagine the Koran referring to the Israelites being liberated from Egypt and not mentioning the name Moses?

 Would the Koran describe the Flood and not mention the name of Noah?

 Could the Koran discuss the restoration and dedication of the Kaba and not mention the names of Abraham and Ishmael?

  The Koran clearly mentions the names of Moses, Noah and Abraham and Ishmael in accordance with the prominent events mentioned above.Therefore it is illogical to suggest that the Koran would leave the identity of the sacrificial boy anonymous and open for debate. 

 Although the Koranic verse(37:101) of description does not mention the name of the son of Abraham who was the intended sacrifice it refers to him in relation to the term GOOD NEWS 

  In the very same Koranic chapter Isaac is later openly referred to in relation to the term GOOD NEWS. With this common identifying marker it can easily be concluded that the intended sacrificial son was Isaac. 

SURAH 37:101
So We gave him the GOOD NEWS of a boy, possessing forbearance.

SURAH 37:112
And We gave him the GOOD NEWS of Ishaq, a prophet among the good ones.

  The name Isaac(Ishaq) is openly mentioned twice in Surah 37 which is the chapter containing the description of the Sacrificial Boy. However the name Ishmael does not appear anywhere at all throughout the entire chapter. That is obviously because the chapter has no information that is pertaining to Ishmael. 

Now when Abraham and Ishmael built the Kaba together the name of Ishmael is mentioned. This is very logical because how could the Koran describe such a powerful and prominent event involving Ishmael and not mention his name at all? That just simply would not make any sense whatsoever.

SURAH 2:127
And when Ibrahim and Ismail raised the foundations of the House: Our Lord! accept from us; surely Thou art the Hearing, the Knowing:

Therefore if we are to claim the sacrificial boy is Ishmael then we have to ponder as to why his name is not mentioned at all throughout the entire Surah . With Isaac there is a clear and logical explanation as to why the NAME of the boy was not mentioned in the verse directly describing the sacrificial boy as the name is revealed immediately after and identified with the common attribute of Good News.