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(The Original Kedar-Rite of the Karaim)



 In 622 the Prophet Muhammad fleeing the violent resisters of Mecca found refuge in Medina in what was known as the Hijra. Those who accompanied the Prophet Muhammad became known as Muhajirs and those of Medina who accepted him became known as the Ansars. The first Israelite to accept the Prophet Muhammad was a descendant of the Prophet Joseph named Hossein ibn Salaam. The Prophet Muhammad would later change his name to Abdallah Ibn Salaam.

Among the " Jews " of Medina was a Tribe known as Banu Qarayza.

In recent years the history of Banu Qarayza has become well publicized by those who seek to tarnish the image of the Prophet Muhammad. In slandering the Prophet Muhammad it is taught that he mercilessly slaughtered the entire tribe of Qarayza (Jews).

The action taken against Qarayza is commonly misrepresented as being an attempt by Muslims to exterminate Jews. This is totally preposterous. In fact the vast majority of the Qarayza tribe had already followed the example of Abdallah Ibn Salaam and accepted the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore as in the case of the Qaraysh of Mecca there were those of Banu Qarayza who accepted the Prophet Muhammad and those of Banu Qarayza who rejected his claim to being a Prophet.

Those who accepted him among the Qarayza by far outnumbered those of Qarayza who rejected him.

SURAH 2:146
Those whom We have given the Book recognize him as they recognize their sons, and a PARTY OF THEM most surely conceal the truth while they know (it).

Both Tabari and Ibn Hashim estimate that between 600 - 900 members of Banu Qarayza were executed. To say that the killing of 600 - 900 people could result in the extermination of an entire tribe is to claim that that tribe was extremely small and insignificant in regards to demographics. This was clearly not the case as the Banu Qarayza, have a very significant role as inhabitants of Medina during the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

As mentioned above the vast majority of Banu Qarayza accepted the Prophet Muhammad long before the Battle of the Trench and the resulting execution of the tribe's 600-900 members. The mass majority of Banu Qurayza who followed the example of Abdallah Ibn Salaam in accepting the Prophet Muhammad were then counted among the Ansars, while the small minority who rejected the Prophet Muhammad historically maintained the appellation of Qarayza.

(This being similar to the followers of Jesus being historically remembered as Nazarenes while those who rejected him are referred to as "Jews" despite the fact that Jesus and his followers were also Jews. The same could be said about the Prophet Muhammad and his followers who are remembered in fighting battles with the Qaraysh tribe of Mecca even though the Prophet Muhammad himself was a member of the Qaraysh tribe.)

The historical accounts state that the surviving women and children of Banu Qarayza were placed in the care of Abdallah Ibn Salaam. Therefore they joined the majority of their Qarayza tribesman who already accepted the Prophet Muhammad and were counted among the Ansars.


The verdict of execution was not based on the tribal identity or religious affiliation of Banu Qarayza. It was exclusively carried out in regards to the remnant of Qarayza who violated the military Compact of Medina by conspiring with the Prophet Muhammad's Qaraysh enemies from Mecca who were planning to attack the Prophet Muhammad.


The Banu Qarayza were a Kohen tribe of Zadokite Priests that fled to Medina during the Roman Wars. Their history traces back to the communities of Qumran and Masada Masada was remembered for the voluntary mass suicide of resistance.

After the Battle of the Trench the Prophet Muhammad was prepared to pardon the Banu Qarayza for their act of betrayal. However due to their culture of resistance they preferred an honorable death. They insisted to be judged by an Ansar who was more familiar with their tribal mentality and thus the Prophet Muhammad granted their request and Sa‘d bin Mu‘adh became the Judge.

The Banu Qarayza insisted that the entire tribe be permitted the honor of death in accordance with their own law and tradition. Sa'd bin Mu'adh granted them their wish. However the Prophet Muhammad refused to allow the women and children to be killed.

Narrated Atiyyah al-Qarazi: I was among the captives of Banu Qarayza. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair.
(Sunan Abu Dawood,)

In response one woman began laughing deliriously after she attempted to kill other women and children in what she described as a New Act or New Judgment . In order to stop her they immediately beheaded her:

5 Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad)
(968)Chapter: Regarding Killing Women(121) 
Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin:

 No woman of Banu Qarayza was killed except one. She was with me, talking and laughing on her back and belly (extremely), while the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was killing her people with the swords. Suddenly a man called her name: Where is so-and-so? She said: I I asked: What is the matter with you? She said: I did a new act. She said: The man took her and beheaded her. She said: I will not forget that she was laughing extremely although she knew that she would be killed.