Karaite Israelite Mosque of Ascension





(The Original Kedar-Rite of the Karaim)



  In 620 C.E., the Prophet Muhammad traveled from the Kaba in Mecca to the holiest site of the Israelites in Jerusalem being the exact location of the former Solomonic Temple. It was from this location that he ascended beyond the 7th heaven. This act of Heavenly Ascension Purified and Cleansed the Temple Mount in accordance with that which was foretold by the Prophet Daniel.  

 In honor of the Prophet Muhammad's purifying ascension of Al-Isra(Israel), the Caliph Omar built what with later renovations became known as the Dome of the Rock Mosque or Beyt Maqdis. The latter being the same as the Hebrew Beyt Migdash referring to the Holy Temple. Therefore through the Prophet Muhammad's heavenly ascension the Holy Temple(Beyt Maqdis/Beyt Migdash) was restored. 
The restoring Mosque of Ascension has been perfectly situated on the Temple Mount for approximately 1,500 years, a time span longer than that of both previous Israelite temples combined. This is a clear and miraculous sign that the Israelites are now under the prophetic authority of the Prophet Muhammad and the revelation of the Holy Qaran. 





    The Prophecy of Restoration tells of a 490 year period of abomination,sin and transgression which is referred to as 70 weeks(70x7 = 490).  


    ' Seventy Weeks( of years, 70x7=490 years) are determined upon the people and upon the Holy City to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins and to make reconciliation for iniquity.'


    The 490 years of abomination,sin and transgression determined upon the Holy City is the decreed time of defilement in regards to the Temple Site.This is the time appointed until forgiveness,healing and restoration can be decreed in accordance with the 500th year Jubilee. The 500th year Jubilee of freedom and restoration is counted from the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. to the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in 570 C.E.



   The 490 year period of cleansing followed by the 500th year Jubilee reflects the ultimate cleansing in a sacred cycle of purification which adds a time of celebration and renewal to the prescribed week or weeks of purification. For example,when a child is born, one week of purification is counted then an 8th day celebration known as Aqiqah or Brit Millah is added. Shavout is a counting of 7 weeks which is 49 days. At the end of the 49 days a 50th day celebration commemorating the Prophet Moses being called to Mount Sinai is added. The counting of 7 " Land Sabbaths " is 7x7 = 49 years. At the completion of 49 years, a 50th year Jubilee of restoration and freedom is celebrated.


   70- 7 year periods(70x7 = 490 years) was decreed as the ultimate purification of forgiveness. Jesus(Isa)taught about the destruction and restoration of the Temple in the Prophetic parable of forgiveness which was ultimately fulfilled by the Prophet Muhammad and the 500th year Jubilee of restoration which is the 500th year added to the prescribed weeks (70x7) of 490 years.



            MATTHEW 24:1-2 NEW TESTAMENT(N.T.)

 ' Jesus(Isa) went out and departed from the Temple.. verily I say unto you,there shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.'


                           MATTHEW 18:21-22 (N.T.) 

   ' Then came Peter to him and said,Lord how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Till 7 times. Jesus saith unto him,I say not unto the until 7 times but until 70 x7 (490) times.'



  490 is the number of true forgiveness and restoration and thus 500 is the celebration of renewal. In this regard the Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 C.E. exactly 500 years after the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. Exactly 50 years after his birth(620 C.E.), The Prophet Muhammad ascended beyond the 7th heaven from the Temple Site and thus his ascension was perfectly marked by yet another Jubilee celebration.    


    The birth of the Prophet Muhammad was the beginning of a prophetic 62 year period which included the restoration and rebuilding of the Temple(Beyt Maqdis).This 62 year period corresponds to a prophecy in the Book of Daniel,as Muhammad lived exactly 62 years. In the Prophecy,Muhammad is referred to as "The Messiah " meaning the savior of the Temple (Beyt Maqdis) and the one who fulfills the prophecy of the Messiah Jesus(Isa) in ending the period of darkness which began with the destruction of the Temple in 70C.E. 

DANIEL 9:25-26(O.T.)   

   ' Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem until the Messiah the Prince shall be 7 weeks(7 weeks of 70 years=490 years)and 62 weeks(62 years)....and after 62 weeks(62 years) shall the " Messiah " be cut off.'                                       

 The above mentioned prophecy miraculously refers to both the birth and death of the Prophet Muhammad. The 490 year period is that which precedes the 500th year Jubilee being the Prophet Muhammad's birth which took place exactly 500 years after the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. The 62 weeks or 62 years refers to the entire Life Span of the Prophet Muhammad who passed away at the age of 62. 


   Interestingly, the Book of Daniel identifies the one who would ultimately cleanse the Sanctuary as having the name Muhammad. In response to Daniel's prayer for Jerusalem, the Angel Gabriel (who would later reveal the Holy Qaran to the Prophet Muhammad)addresses Daniel as HAMMUDOT being the root of the name Muhammad. This name is translated in the King James Bible as "BELOVED" and the JPS Tanakh as " PRECIOUS". 


                                  DANIEL 9:21-23(O.T.)

    ' While I was uttering my prayer,the man Gabriel, whom I had previously seen in the vision, was sent forth in flight and reached me..... He made me understand by speaking to me and saying:Daniel I have just come forth to give you understanding. A word went forth as you began your plea and I have come to tell it,for you are precious (HAMMUDOT/MUHAMMAD) ;So mark the word and understand the vision.'


      Daniel's vision about the purification,cleansing and restoration of the Temple was decreed for the END meaning that which would take place with the advent of the Last of the Prophets being the Prophet Muhammad.


                                    DANIEL 8:16-17(O.T.)

   '.... Gabriel make this man understand the vision. He came near to where I was standing, and as he came I was terrified and fell prostrate. He said to me,Understand O' Man, that the vision refers to the TIME OF THE END.' 



                              Prior to the founding of the Zionist movements,the Dome of the Rock known as Beyt Maqdis was commonly accepted by Jews as the restoration of the Solomonic Temple - LEGENDS OF JERUSALEM -ZEV VILNAY - JPS of America.