Karaite Israelite Mosque of Ascension




(The Original Kedar-Rite of the Karaim)


 Homosexuality is wrong and defies the natural order by which God created man. When we as human beings defy that which is natural and place ourselves above or outside of the Eco-System that governs all of creation then we will suffer. Whether we are releasing poisonous gas omissions that lead to global warming and the destruction of the earth's atmosphere, consume artificial food products that destroy our health and the natural design of our bodies, produce plastics and other Non Bio degradable products that fill the earth and destroy the fertile nature of the soil, perform sex change operations and abortions or engage in the abomination of homosexuality there will be devastating consequences as these are all crimes against the nature by which God created man.

 However I do not believe as individuals we have the right to carry out executions of homosexuals. We should not be joyous in celebrating their deaths because the killing of any human being is a tragedy. The promotion and engagement of homosexuality is a tragedy and the killing of them is a tragedy as well. Therefore as believers in God we should not be celebrating tragedies that result in the death of human beings.

 However we should not be forced to compromise our belief that homosexuality is wrong and we should be permitted to express that belief and to teach that understanding. God fearing people should access the secular system that guarantees freedom of religion and unite our efforts to promote righteousness and through this channel we should fight against homosexual marriage and other acts that defy the nature of Godliness but we should not act out of anger and take the law into our own hands.

  Nobody was created as a heterosexual or a homosexual as an infant does not emerge from the womb seeking sexual gratification. We are however born with a gender and a natural reproductive design. Whether we pursue that natural design and become one with it or rebel against that nature is another story. I will admit that for some it is a struggle but they should always be encouraged to strive for the natural order from which God created men and women.

 God did not put homosexuality or any other imbalance into motion for anyone. God created us all with a reproductive gender whether we submit and strive to fulfill that potential is another story. We should not deceive ourselves into embracing that which is not of the natural design.

  Be careful of becoming the very monster that you dread. Tolerance and freedom of speech and the freedom to teach is the key to getting along. We cannot limit those freedoms and selectively deny the right to free speech. When we learn to respect the democratic rights of others no matter how much we disagree then we become mature enough to promote democracy and pluralism. However without that sense of political maturity we are only going to create and recreate all that stands in opposition to a free thinking society.


  God did not make anyone homosexual. No one is born homosexual or heterosexual Infants do not emerge from the womb seeking sexual gratification. Infants are born with an assigned gender and a potential role for reproduction. At various stages of development individuals begin to stray or rebel against the assigned gender role. Without intense redirection and rehabilitation the deviation will become a fixed behavior. This is a very difficult struggle and those who are deceiving the victims of this struggle by encouraging a false sense of normalcy are guilty of a great injustice

 When we say Gays need to accept themselves it then becomes subjective. Do Gays need to accept their tendencies, attractions and desires or do they need to accept the gender based identity in which they were created? As in the case of the transsexual, Is altering or changing the body to suit the mind really the answer or should one alter the thinking in order to be compatible with the assigned gender? When we reassign and manipulate nature we disrupt an eco system which by nature will have devastating consequences.

  Those who encourage the homosexual into a false sense of normalcy may claim that acceptance is needed to prevent suicide. However the charade is only numbing the senses of resistance and is leading the victim to a greater and more tragic suicide of the soul.